Establish 802.11ah Promotion Council

802.11ah Promotion Council was established aiming at promoting commercialization of 802.11ah products and solutions in Japanese market with the participation of voluntary companies and organizations.

IEEE802.11ah standard is a new wireless network technology which is expected to be used in various IoT applications using 920MHz band.

Wireless networking protocol using 920MHz band (i.e. LPWA*) has been widely used in Japan. As IEEE802.11ah however has unique features such as a worldwide de facto standard Wi-Fi based protocol, an IP based model, a fully opened and self-deployable standard and a broad bandwidth up to several Mbps. In entertaining various use cases, the protocol can enlarge options in solving social problems and help enhancing convenience.

Toward an availability of this standard commercially in Japan of which license still has not been granted, we will launch the Japan first experiment soon after obtaining an experimental radio station license, make technical studies, conduct POC tests, acquire information, approach relevant authorities and pursue promotion activities.

*LPWA: abbreviation of Low-Power Wide-Area network, a type of wireless networking protocols designed to allow long range telecommunications with a low power consumption.

Establish 802.11ah Promotion Council (*News Release Document)

IEEE 802.11ah (Wi-Fi HaLow)

7th November, 2018
3rd floor, Iwamotocho building, 3-2-4 Iwamotocho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101-0032 Japan
Member Member List
Chairman Mr. Tadao Kobayashi (Wi-Biz)
Mr. Naoya Matsumura (Fujitsu Limited)
Auditor Mr. Seiji Okamura (Mirait Corporation)
(in Japanese
Mr. Hiroshi Ezoe (iLand6 Corporation)
Mr. Yosuke Konaka (Fujitsu Client Computing Limited)
Mr. Tadao Kobayashi (Wi-Biz)
Mr. Taiga Sakai (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation)
Mr. Yasushi Takatori (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Mr. Hiroshi Hojo (Wi-Biz)
Mr. Makoto Fujii (Furuno Systems Co.,Ltd.)
Advisor Mr. Yoshiyuki Takeda (Ex MIC)
Mission The mission of 802.11ah Promotion Council is to promote commercialization of IEEE802.11ah products and solutions in Japanese marketing with the participation of voluntary companies and organizations.
Activities 1. Technical studies, POC, information gathering, approach to relevant authorities and commercialization promotion activities toward implementation of IEEE802.11ah in Japan.
2. Other activities if deemed necessary to promote use of 802.11ah standard in Japan.
Action Plan (PDF)

Membership Agreement (PDF)
Privacy Policy (PDF)